Erik Minter painting, work in progressErik Minter works with a broad range of media, investigating the play of the synthetic & human and its interface with the natural world. Plant and insect structures fuse with vehicles from an unknown (and yet somehow nostalgic) future creating a hybrid new reality. Trained in art history and painting, Minter’s work has migrated into installation and commercial work, growing in scope as it expands in size. His work seeks the point of tension between beauty and repulsion found at the center of the human condition.

His specialty is the liminal space between the conscious and the unconscious, the real and the unreal, the present and the future. Slick industrial finishes remind us of the perfections of which the human mind and vision are capable, while the organic form of the chrysalis, which appears in his work, seems to indicate the process of becoming in which humanity still stands. His work is a consideration of personal alchemy that explores pleasures, ironies and the mutable and plastic nature of existence.

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